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Northern Forest initial proposed planting

Northern Forest proposed planting

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A message from Chair: Katy Gardner

Each year the Friends of Princes Park carry out many tasks to keep the Park in the condition it is in today but we really need more volunteers for your tree work. Please come and join us on any of the dates listed on the FOPP volunteer poster above, even an hour of your time will help.

We need funds, though our AGM is all free please feel free to bring along donations however large or small. Every penny counts! We are eligible for gift aid so your donation could be worth more to us than just that which you are giving so please let a member of FOPP know if you are a UK tax payer so we can collect that extra bit.

Thank you so much, everyone’s help is much appreciated.

Katy Gardner


We are very excited to have 2 representatives of the Merseyforest including the Director Paul Nolan coming to speak about the proposed Northern forest planting programme in Princes Park at our AGM.

The Northern forest is planting 50 million trees across the north of England over the next few years. See website

Merseyforest is the local partner/ delivering agent for this programme: FOPP  has worked with Merseyforest over many years. Personally, as FOPP Chair, I am proud to be able to  be part of this initiative, to both increase the beauty of the park but most importantly to combat climate change. The Council is on board with this project.  

The proposal for Princes Park envisages planting of approximately 3000 trees over 2 years. In context we have planted over 3,500 over the last 15 years. The trees will be in small copses and will be planted as whipps (very small) . We hope also to be able to plant  wildflowers in and around most of the copses working with the Eden project. This will not be creating a forest in the park but adding to the work we have already done.

But the precise location of the proposed planting and to an extent how much we do is up for discussion. FOPP tree group has worked with Merseyforest to suggest some planting areas. I enclose a proposed map.

The first planting is proposed on the roly poly hill near Ullet rd. See attached. The copses will be small. There will be plenty of room for rolling down the hill and sledging in the winter.

We very much  need your feedback and input a some FOPP have raised concerns, particularly over the proposed planting along the main path near the playground .  The best way to do this  is to come to our AGM. That was you will be able to discuss it with Merseyforest  and put your questions, concerns to them and to FOPP exec.

However if you can make it please email me personally  at . I will do my best to feed any comments back to Merseyforest and Liverpool City Council.