Princes Park

Trees of the Park marker

Thanks to an award from the Liverpool city Region Community Environment Fund, FoPP are pleased to say that we are now underway with our tree marking project. Posts have been ordered and will soon be delivered to our wood engraver who will carve each post with a number. Once the numbers have been added to the posts we will paint the numbers before beginning the work of positioning each post alongside the tree it relates to. Using a smart phone, visitors to the Park will be able to scan a QR code, or follow a printed link, which will take them to our website. Choosing the post number on the web page will give lots of interesting information. 
If you have a special memory or story about a particular tree then please contact us with your story and we will add it to the tree page if we think it will be of interest to Park visitors.

Tree cards

Here is an example of our tree cards which will soon be available on the website and linked from the tree post numbers.