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Welcome to the Friends of Princes Park website.

The Friends of Princes Park website has been created to tell you something of our history, that of the Park and what the future holds for us. Here you will find details of events happening in the Park, developments, repair and restoration works and much more beside. If you are interested in being a Friend of Princes Park or would like to volunteer to help with our working parties then please visit our membership page where you will find full details and an application form.

The aims of the Friends of Princes Park are:

The Friends of Princes Park was formed in March 2004 and you can read about our first ten years and our most recent annual report on our About us page.

Please remember to bookmark this page and comeback again to check updates.

Thank you for your interest in The Friends of Princes Park

All event details can be found here...

Welcome to Princes Park

  Princes Park was designed by Joseph Paxton (1803 -1865) who was an English gardener,  architect and Member of Parliament, best known for  designing The Crystal Palace.

  Paxton made his name as Head Gardener of Chatsworth  House, Derbyshire. Both prior to his involvement with  Princes Park and long after its completion, he combined  the skills of gardener, engineer and architect to design  radical inventive and influential landscapes.

Reports and downloads

 Joseph Paxton

Mandela Memorial Campaign

Click here to learn more about this initiative.  Mandela family visit Princes Park, see video by following this link

Exposure to nature & mental health

The Chatsworth Connection

To find out what links Princes Park, Birkenhead Park and Chatsworth click here…

New account name

Calling all volunteers! We will be painting the container on Saturday 22nd June from 9.45am. Meet at the container near end of Park Run.

Litter picking in the Park. Please pop along and help us keep the Park tidy every first Saturday of the month... Details here....

FOPP are supporting the year of environment

Mission Statement

“2019 will be a year of green action across Liverpool City Region where people from all backgrounds will have the opportunity to be involved in projects that improve the natural world. Our aim is to leave a better environment for the next generation to inherit and make

our area one of the best places in the country to live, work and flourish.”

“Cleaner, Greener, Well, Together”

Follow the link to find out more.

Princes Park Lake: Follow the ongoing repairs on the Lake repairs and improvements page which you can find here…

Container Follow our renovations of the container here…